Pacific Coast Association of Magicians

2nd Place In Stage Magic 


Hawaii Magic

"Bruce Meyers is an original. I have never seen a  

 magician with a talent for making people happy

 quite like this one." - 

 T. Russell CEO, Russell Products Inc.

"I've worked with Bruce and I think the  guy can do real magic." - author Ken Kesey of (One Flew Over The Coocoo's Nest)

Magician in Hilo

World-class entertainers and international award winners Bruce and Jennifer Meyers will lift your event up into the next level. From small banquets and luaus to full evening theatrical productions. Through thousands of performances they have crafted and polished their original and unique material into episodes of mysterious wonder sprinkled with comedy assuring you of happy audiences and your event’s success. 


Magic In Hawai'i (808) 982-9294

​Mainland U.S. (Seattle) Magic (360) 652-5779        

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Aka `aka Loko I Ka Ike A Ke Aloha

[The secrets within me are seen through Aloha]

The noblest art is that of making others happy. That's Real Magic

It's What We Do

 Wonder, Magic, Laughter and Aloha