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"We are on earth to help others. Why the others are here I have no idea."


When it's crucial that your audience has a really really really good time!

Magic for Hawaii, Seattle and world wide

"Dear Bruce,
​ You were very entertaining and a pleasure to be around. I have always said I think I have the most fun job in the world, but now I may have to rethink that statement." -
​R. Arrington, Marketing Director, Regal Entertainment Group, Knoxville, TN

​Hamming it up with a US Congressman right after making him ~ appear ~  

​Bruce was hoping Rick Larson could make Bruce's taxes disappear...

A partial list of recent beloved clients

Palace Theater Hilo
Honoka’a Peace Festival & Parade
​Whidby Island Naval Air Station
South Kona Education & Arts
Willam Raleigh Dentistry
Unigard Insurance Group
Seattle Whimsea Waterfront Festival
Eagle Productions Fundraising
Edmonds Waterfront Festival
The Everett Aquasox
The Seattle Mariners
Club Hollywood
Scholastic Books
Navy Base Everett
Cruise West
The Suquamish Tribe
Olympic Medical
The Victoria Clipper
The Everett Mall
Achilles USA
​ … Plus many more

Magician in Hilo Hawaii



Bruce and Jennifer have a great enduring love for people and the performing arts of magic, comedy and music. Bruce’s masterful stage presence and very warm, benevolent and funny personality quickly connects with your audience compelling them to become part of the fun, wonder and magic.

World renown for their creativity, a Bruce and Jennifer Meyers performance of their original magic at your event may include literally  showering your audiences with real flowers or perhaps handing out exotic musical rhythm instruments turning your guests into The Magical Orchestra of Hooga-Booga. Bruce may magically produce several dozens of eggs, an occasional chicken, dove, the ancestral rabbit or personal friends of yours. Baffling even to all

other magicians is his version of the fabled Standing Rope of India from the middle of the crowd, which he may perform.  
Bruce and Jennifer also have put their own twists on several of the magical art’s classics some of which you can see in the videos on this website.
Willing to do anything to regale an audience they have cut a US Congressman in half along with three mayors, several school principles and a professional baseball umpire or two. They’ve made CEOs appear as well as a US Congressman, two County Executives, several celebrities, auctioneers and even a rock band. They have hired and used a full Scottish bagpipe band to magically find an audience member’s signed and vanished playing card. They routinely levitate two children from the audience simultaneously and cause baseballs to vanish at professional baseball games.  Besides the many awards and accolades from their peers, client associations and frequent standing ovations from their audiences there’s more to it than that. Bruce and Jennifer’s shows have been commissioned by fundraising groups to help raise millions of dollars for charities and needy causes over the years.  Many of the fundraising events have continued annually for over three decades.

Also important to Bruce and Jennifer is the future of the art of magic. They are diligently involved in providing pathways and direction for the young to carry the torch as the wonder workers of tomorrow. It is they who will spread happiness and joy and remind the audiences of the future that despite all of its faults it’s still a breathtakingly beautiful and mysterious world.  Using magic, Bruce and Jennifer have successfully promoted their other businesses and can do the same for yours. In 1991 they founded Meyers Medical LLC and performed for patients in many medical facilities to help promote their products. In 2005 they established the very successful vacation waterfront log home, Lake Crabapple Cottage LLC, and often perform for their guests and guest’s friends with fun smaller shows. In 2013 near Hilo Hawai’i Bruce and Jennifer established a second base for the Magic Of Bruce Meyers LLC to bring their brand of wonder, joy, laughter and Aloha to serve the Hawaiian Islands.  Bruce and Jennifer have raised 3 beautiful children at their home on the shore of a quiet small lake in Western Washington and also reside in the beautiful majestic jungle of Puna Hawai’i. Comedy magicians & corporate magicians & top magicians

 Wonder, Magic, Laughter and Aloha 


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